Grigore Antipa (1867-1944) - Famous Hydrobiology, ichthyology and limnology (limnology is considered the first novel), reorganized the

Museum of Natural History in Bucharest that bears his name.
    To elucidate problems of biological productivity of the
Danube and north-western slopes of the Black Sea. He inaugurated the scientific

study of the life of migratory fish endemic fauna of Romania. He founded the Romanian school of Hydrobiology and ichthyology. A decisive

contribution to the reorganization of fish in our country.
    He led the
destinies Museum of Natural History in Bucharest for over half a century (1893-1944). From November 8, 1893, under his direction,

began reorganizing the museum, which is a local move into new, appropriate, specially created for this purpose, before Kiselev road at

no. 1 (first building in Romania designed and dedicated a museum). It is one of the pioneers in the use Dioramas Museum of Natural Sciences,

is considered one of the creators of modern museology.
    Member of Romanian Academy and numerous international scientific societies.